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“… uses simple tricks to remember almost everything … with instantaneous success.  Barry Reitman’s ‘Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory,’ whether in book or CD format, is the answer to the prayers of millions of adults who experience the frustration of trying to remember things that are important to them.
      —Dr. Lynn Tepper, Gerontologist, Clinical Professor, Columbia University, NYC

“…Not only were the strategies and tips you shared well received, but many in attendance would have liked to have several more hours with you to continue reviewing your system. I commend you on your course content as well as on your instructional style; both were an absolute hit with our audience.”
     —Captain Daniel E. Sosnowik, Commanding Officer, Leadership Training Section, NYPD

“With both wit and wisdom, Barry Reitman’s “Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory” unlocks the untapped power within us to recall the things we need to remember. Distilled from science and his own years of practice, Barry’s book makes for a journey of self-discovery that is both fun to take and seriously helpful. According to Barry, we can all remember more than we realize and he teaches us simple ways of doing so in a way we can easily retrieve —on demand— the names, dates, numbers and other information we struggle with day to day. That’s a leadership skill and Memory Shock will teach you to master it.”
Gerry Egan, Executive Director, National Equipment Finance Association

Barry Reitman’s Memory Shock presentation was both effective and valuable to professors, teachers, and graduate students.
—Elaine Geller, Dir. of Field Experience & Outreach, Rockland Grad Campus, Long Island Univ.

“I’m a radiological scientist that can easily remember the half-lives of radioisotopes but can’t remember anyone’s name. It’s been downright embarrassing. But, after reading Barry’s book, I have greatly improved… Barry has done a huge amount of work on this subject and has written a great book – easy-to-read and humorous while helping to cure all of our poor memories.”
Theodore Rahon, Ph.D. President, CoPhysics Corporation

“Anyone who has a need to know or memorize a lot of different things, be it faces, numbers, or a seemingly endless list of facts that do not seem to have any rhyme or reason, will learn how they can master this learned skill. And, in doing so, they will amaze not only their friends, coworkers and employers, but themselves as well.”
Richard Picciotto, Dep. Chief, FDNY (Ret.) Author, “Last Man Down:A Firefighter’s Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center”

“Now that I’ve read “The Memory Shock Book,” I’m realizing how often being able to remember a name or place is a real advantage. The techniques are starting to become a part of my thought process, a pleasant surprise and revelation.
Arlene Romoff, Author, “Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing” 

“Easy and fun reading…How often can we go to a seminar or a class where we learned something practical and useful? Once? Maybe twice? Now with “Secrets, Tips and Tricks” we can return to the Memory Shock seminars over and over. I’ll have them available twenty-four-seven.”
Brian Huey, Author, “Perpetual: the Never-Ending Series”

“Worry no more! The Memory Shock method improves ALL levels of ability to recall, and if you think you have an awful memory, this is exactly the place you want to start to master your memory. You have a natural memory. This method helps your natural memory by forcing it to use images that help you retain what you need. Here you will learn a simple two-step method of focusing on faces, names, places and things that will make it impossible not to remember them!
     —Sonia von Matt Stoddard, Stoddard & Associates Business Writing Services, Author, The Legal Assistant’s Letter Book

“Secrets, Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory” is very informative, useful, and entertaining as well. Mr. Reitman’s witty, conversational style ensures that reading this book is a delight. His tips yielded immediate results when applied, especially for someone who does not usually adhere to “exercises” presented in books. Mr. Reitman’s method is easy to understand and apply. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve memory skills!”
     —Heather von Bargen, President, Fine Art Photographer, www.CuratedImages.com

“The writing style makes the book fun to read and easy to understand. A learning experience for everyone to enjoy and utilize!”
—Henry Porcaro, FDNY, (Ret.)

“A creative and fun way to a better memory. Well written in an easy-to-pickup form!
—Joy McGroarty, Graphic Artist

“Having spent most of my life as a ‘bad with names’ person, Memory Shock came to me as a game changer. Within a few hours of reading the first few chapters and doing the names and faces exercise, I tried those techniques in the real world, and have had great success with them. I can’t wait for the next Freemasons’ convention where I’ll be in a room with 300 people!”
    —Ajit Nathaniel, Senior Financial Editor, Hyderabad India

“Does “in one ear and out the other” describe your ability to recall names, numbers and events? The tools provided by Barry Reitman in Memory Shock can improve that dramatically. It is a book that manages to be entertaining while providing the means to improve your life If you follow the suggestions and practice, the results will be impressive. In my job, I meet hundreds of people and Memory Shock has helped me to significantly improve my recall of these individuals and many other important details in my business.”
—Michael G. Meacher, CEO Front Sight Firearms Training, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Barry Reitman is a brilliant instructor… The strategies that he taught will stay with me forever and will help me succeed in everything I do. I am so impressed with this course.”
      —Margarita Benejan, Customer Service Manager

“Excellent—Unleashed huge powers in me.”
     —Simon Haysom, Esq. Attorney, Goshen, NY

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