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Barry Reitman’s Memory Shock is an easy-to-learn system for remembering names & faces, long and short numbers, places, dates, events sales and speaking presentations …everything you want to remember. This is not long drills and repetition of things the way you’ve been taught to do it in the past. Instead, it’s a new way of seeing and thinking about everything in your life – the Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory.

Memory Shock is presented in Barry’s book, or 4-CD boxed set, “Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory,” in classroom sessions at colleges and professional institutions, and to associations and corporations around the country.

Instantly Fix Everyday Memory Problems

Give yourself a powerful working memory with these simple and fun-to-use mnemonic techniques. Your long term and short term/working memories are better than you think. But no one has taught you how to use them.

Want to see if it’s for you? Visit and read the reviews. Better yet, click on the “Look Inside” feature on the book’s Amazon page and read the first couple of chapters. This is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. The most common response to it on college evaluation forms? “It was fun!”

  • How to remember names & faces - business and social events
    Remembering names and faces is important in every part of your life – and it’s EASY when you know how!
  • How to remember calendar dates and appointments
    You’ll have your entire calendar of events at your fingertips, AND you’ll know the days of the week for years, even for centuries!
  • How to remember school work and test material
    Prepping for exams will actually be easy – and fun! You’ll never worry about tests again. Grade school, high school, college, even medical school.
  • How to do public speaking without notes!
    Ten minutes for the Rotary Club? An hour lecture for a class you’re teaching? No problem.
  • How to remember job requirements, product numbers, specs
    Your day just became easier; and your productivity increased dramatically.
  • How to remember where you put the car keys
    It’s true. That kind of problem will be gone forever.
  • How to prepare for job interviews - and wow them!
    You’ll have facts and figures at your finger-tips. The applicant before you asked how long the lunch-hour is. You’ll ask if they saw a dramatic increase in revenues when the new plant came online in Birmingham, “because, after all, a 470,000 square foot facility allows a great increase in production.”
  • How to remember long and short numbers, phone numbers
    You’ll have a new ability to recall numbers in ways that others can’t even dream about.
  • Be confident in all situations
    And these skills all combine to give you a new confidence in everything you do, at work, at play, from memorizing Biblical text to counting cards in the casino.


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Just for fun, you can practice memorizing lng numbers with this Random Number Generator.


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