Barry Reitman’s Live Memory Shock Presentations are available for corporate meetings, school groups, and fund raisers nationally, and for a limited time, to small groups of twelve or more in the New York Metropolitan area.

In a one hour session, each member of your group will learn memory techniques that will be used for his or her whole life. And they will have fun learning!

Using a lifetime of eclectic successes – as a top-ten national sales leader of a division of Litton Industries, to electro-deposition jig designer; from senior shift supervisor of nuclear reactor construction for General Dynamic’s Trident submarine program, to Master Member in the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (1,000 + members) — Barry presents the basics of memory techniques, including how to remember names & faces, geared to your group.*

These presentations go beyond “motivational.” They are road maps for accomplishing the unimaginable. Sales meetings? NOTHING can better prepare your team than this high-power one hour session.

Memory Shock is a high-impact, but fun-filled, presentation suited to every business, industry, and association group. Learn the tricks of the trade used by memory experts in an enjoyable fast-paced hour. And, yes, you’ll remember them! These are the techniques that Barry has been using and perfecting since he devoured his first book on the subject nearly fifty years ago. Picture your group members, shocked at what they can do within the first few minutes of the presentation. The laughs keep coming, but so do the gasps of surprise at realizing how easy this is to master.

Need the perfect speaker for your sales-oriented group?  Need more than just “motivation?” Nothing could be better than Memory Shock! A master closer for decades in diverse industries, Barry understands that closing skills and the ability to confidently know and retain – remember – everything from product knowledge to the names and faces of a group of new prospects go hand in hand in building a confident and productive sales team.

Make the same principles that are the basis of the popular course at the State University of New York/Rockland Community College part of your get together. Consider Memory Shock’s Barry Reitman for your group. They won’t forget!

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* As an example, a large veterinary hospital in Orange County, New York, quickly learned to remember the names and faces of pet owners and their pets!