The Major Number System for remembering numbers has been around for centuries. While it requires a bit of concentration to learn, anyone of average intelligence can learn to use it easily with just a bit of practice.

In my book, Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory, I break-down the Major System and its related Number Hooks into several chapters. Then I suggest an easy-to-follow schedule — about 20 minutes a day for a few days — to master it.  And then? And then you’ll have the most powerful tool you can imagine. Wait! I take that back. You can’t imagine how powerful this is until you start using it.

The system is based on a simple concept: Convert numbers to sounds. Then you can create words which you can picture. If you’ve been following any of my material, you know that the two-word key to memory is Focus and Picture. Now, when you can picture numbers, you can remember them.

This stuff is a lot easier to learn and use than it is to explain on a brief page.  When I teach my classes, the students, like those who read my book, literally have this memorized before they know it, because they’ve learned — in just a few minutes — a simple counting system [VIDEO] of body parts that’s based on the chart below.

And here’s another [VIDEO] I did that explains the basics of the first few numbers of the Major System.